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Welcome to the Liana Ecology Project

the definitive and centralized resource for the latest and most comprehensive information on global liana research.

The Liana Ecology Project is a clearinghouse for liana and vine ecology, behavior, physiology, and systematics research, and a tool for individuals to contribute their work to the growing world-wide body of liana research. The Liana Ecology Project is supported by the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee and funded in part by the National Science Foundation.

  • Use the liana article database to browse over 700 citations of peer-reviewed journal articles, book chapters, and graduate theses on topics ranging from liana ecology and distribution to liana ecophysiology and systematics, and upload your own published research.
  • View the location and description of liana research sites worldwide, and upload a description of your liana research data and study sites to our metadata database.
  • Visit our photo gallery to view liana images by award-winning photographers, and upload your own high-quality images.
  • Follow the Liana Ecology Project on Facebook for automatic alerts to newly published papers and to connect with other liana researchers.

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